Our Core Values

Helping children and their families towards positive outcomes

We develop and provide programs that enhance the quality of life for children with special needs through a delivery system that is simple, efficient, proactive and well-publicized. We celebrate and share our stories statewide to give hope to others in need.

Operating with honesty and transparency in all aspects of the organization

The Foundation strives to do the right thing – even when no one is looking. We follow through on commitments and keep promises. We are good stewards of resources entrusted to the Foundation and use our donors’ money only in a manner consistent with our mission

Providing programs that allow children to be socially engaged and live with dignity

The Foundation recognizes the need for services statewide and will engage and serve clients wherever needed. We provide referrals and access to resources, and we fill the gap between families’ resources and financial needs. We will foster continued, open and purposeful collaboration with Carrie Tingley Hospital.

Focusing on exceptional results and accountability to our children, family and supporters

We solicit and welcome stakeholder feedback with the goal of providing outstanding programmatic assistance to address medical, developmental and quality of life needs of the children and families we serve. We actively engage in continuous program improvement to help maintain exceptional results.

Compelling enthusiasm for our mission

The Foundation faces obstacles with optimism and determination. We interact with a positive attitude and energy and have fun while still working hard. At the Foundation, it’s all about the kids.